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When you shop at Human-Grade Holistic Pet Foods in Vaughan, Ontario, you might just think you’re shopping for, well, a human. That is because at Human-Grade, we don’t differentiate between the quality standard of the nutrition we provide our animal companions and that of their parents. We believe that the health and nutrition quality of our animal family members are just as important as any other family member; animal or human. All of our foods; whether they be Home-Made Fresh Cuisines, packaged foods, or the Treats at our famous Bakery Counter; are made with only human-grade ingredients. If it contains ingredients not fit for human consumption, by-products, artificial preservatives, cheap filler, artificial colour, or comes from any company that uses Animal testing; we don’t carry it in our store.
At Human-Grade Holistic Pet Foods, we believe that high quality and healthy nutrition is essential to a happy and long life for your loved one. At Human-Grade, you will find a wide range of holistic, natural and human grade Dog and Cat food (packaged or freshly made), Drool-inducing fresh-baked Treats at our famous bakery counter, ultra-...